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Finding Subjects Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

We talk violence between each other, communicating about it, and praying about it!

Apr 8, 2021

What is God's will for us? Are we on the right path? How do we know if we are? What if God's will for us leads to incredible sacrifice?

Jul 23, 2020

We continue our conversation with Scott and talk about free will, love, evil, and our perspectives on what is and how we understand God.

Jul 20, 2020

We talked last episode about the question 'Is God Real?'. In this episode I talk to a friend of mine, Scott, to help me get a grip on this question and the follow up question, 'How IS God Real?' We float a lot of ideas around and the more we talk about it, the more I listen, the deeper my understanding of my...

Jul 17, 2020

I have a friend going through some health problems. He asked me if God is real, and if so, could I explain God to him. What you hear on this episode is my struggle to explain my concept of the answer to his question...